She’s Back!

Hello hello!

It’s been a while and boy, that experiment of not being accountable taught me a lot. Guess what? I can slide off that slippery slope like a mofo and it hardly takes a nudge. If I’m perfectly honest, I don’t know my exact weight right now. I know I was around 250 a monthish ago, but I haven’t hopped on the scale since then. I’m not necessarily worried about the number at this exact moment. However, my past tells me that it is definitely a motivator and measure of how my progress is going… but it’s not EVERYTHING.

So, this New Year, 2020, I’m building habits that help me to be a healthier person:

Journaling my food intake helps me to see what is really happening. I am fantastic at justifying why it’s ok to eat this or that but the myplate app lays it out in pie charts and graphs that are unarguable. So, as much as it’s a pain in the ass, imma be on it DAILY.

Accountability on this blog and Instagram give me immeasurable pressure to keep on myself. I don’t want to get obsessive about things but honest, self reporting is really motivating to me. Knowing others are checking up on me makes a huge difference.

Exercise is an almost daily need for me with my insulin issues. It keeps my sugars balanced and my body strong. The endorphin rush that comes from daily workouts keeps my anxiety and depression down so I need to GET IT! Dance has become a huge part of who I am. I teach Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness at my school and dance three times a week with my Seattle Dance Fitness dance family. I’m going to try to add in a little weights to balance out the cardio.

It must also be said that I love myself and my body. Curves are great and the wobbly bits are sexy, but there’s also that piece of feeling REALLY good about myself that I miss. That brick house woman who was stronger and fiercer 50 pounds ago. My curves are expanding at an unacceptable rate and my wobbly bits are weighing me down more than I care for them to. My knees and hips hurt too much to run anymore and I miss it so much. Some weight loss will make my knees feel better, but more than that will help me feel better about me. It’s not for anyone else, it’s what I want.

My meta goal is to lose 50 pounds. But for now, I’m shooting for 15-20 by Spring Break, the first week in April.

So, that’s it. Here we go, 2020!!!

My Rock-It-Fan-Gurls!!!


  1. Padget

    Yes! I’m with you! I love my amazing body, but if I want to dance as much as I’d like, I need to lose some weight and strengthen my muscles so that I can! let’s support each other and get it! And hey, I made it in the photo shoot, ha!

  2. Thea

    You rock Tam Shazam! I’m proud of you and happy to be part of your journey! We’re a cute group, eh? So happy that we all support each other so much and as part of that, I’m so excited to see you meet your goals! See you on the dance floor friend!

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