Today I Sat. Tonight I Rode!

You ever have one of those days where you talk yourself into a workout with a bribe? Today was soooo looong and boooorring. It was a non-student day. And it wasn’t long and boring because of the content or company (well, it was a little because of the content), it was because I sat in a chair for the entire day. Except for the brief trip to the library for lunch and the couple of potty breaks, I was in a chair. I was squirmy and I’ll admit that I got a little bit rummy and super goofy. Perhaps a little loud. Maaayyybe that was me taking jokes too far like Bradley and I do late at night in bed after we’ve used up all of our TV time and it’s our toes intertwined an our laughter ringing. So I got home and was like, climbing the walls. I realized that I rely on that bit of activity of wandering my classroom, helping my students, kneeling down, picking stuff up, leading lines… All that stuff is important to me these days.

AANNNYways, even though I sat around all day I was that kind of tired that comes from sitting around all day talking theory and polarities and assessment. Drained. And I didn’t want to get on my bike, crunch anything, run or walk around outside. I finally opted for the bike because I told myself I’d let myself watch guilty pleasure TV while I rode. By the time I hopped on the bike I was amped to catch up with the Biggest Losers. Will the white team of one make it??? (She did!) I’m rooting for some(Danielle & Jackson), despising others (Gina, I don’t know why!!) and it was the perfect motivator for the bike.

I got on the bike. The Internet today was fixed after a week of it not being able to stream (loose wire at the hub or something). The setting was perfect. Then the show wouldn’t work. The Internet was being a nerd and wouldn’t let me watch anything longer than 30 seconds. Then my bike’s display started fritzing out. My setting kept starting over and over and at first I got annoyed because not only would my show not work, but I had to keep starting my ride over after about ten minutes into my ride! Bradley fixed the Internet issues and the show started up, but the bike was still being weird any time I tilted or touched the handles. Then I realized I had a challenge and I decided to ride either until the end of the Biggest Loser or until my bike made it through an entire cycle. I ended up riding for 60 minutes (to the tune of 800 calories burned!) and was able to see Lisa get voted off. (Yes, I’m several weeks behind cuz that’s how I roll.)

My goal this weekend is to stay on track, of course. To not give in to temptation and to follow my plan of exercise and diet. I want to go to the track tomorrow morning and maybe Sunday too. My kids are going to be gone tomorrow night and I just have to remember that celebrating with my husband and having a good time with him doesn’t mean I have to be stupid about food.

Tomorrow I also get to weigh myself on my SCALE. I’m actually really nervous and tried to bribe Bradley to give it back to me tonight when I first got home. He wouldn’t then teased that he might keep it from me for longer and I flipped out and he saw what a manic psycho I am about that thing. I swear, I just about breathed fire and shot poison darts from my eyes. He backed down real quick.

This was the most rambly entry evah. But I feel like writing every day helps keep me accountable beyond just the food journal. This keeps track of my thinking, my intentional positivity, my intentional determination, my motivation. 🙂


It is so frustrating to keep stepping on the scale this week and not show a loss. Instead, the scale shows a small gain. I’ve been working out so hard and eating soooo cleanly! How am I showing a minor gain and no loss?!

Common sense says there are normal weight fluctuations with water. I’m working out really hard and I’m working pretty much every muscle possible on my body. When that happens, one’s body goes into a little bit of shock, the muscles grab a little water and hold it, they bloat and become a little puffy. I know all of this.

Common sense also says I can see and feel it in the clothes I’m wearing. My tummy actually is getting smaller. My shape is emerging a little more. Because, seriously, since January 1st, I’ve lost 16 pounds (grand total of 85 lost so far) and some of my clothes are beginning to show that by looking huge on me. That’s nothing to sneeze at right now.

But I still want to see the progress with the smaller number on that scale! Boo-hoo.