Zumba Week & Christmas Eve

  I’m pretty proud of myself.  I went to Zumba every day this week and worked it out!  The one day I didn’t go to the gym I went running with Bradley instead.  It was kind of funny. I’m definitely discovered that not all Zumba classes are the same.  If you’re in a class with a lot of senior citizens, it’s usually because that class appeals to that population.  If you’re in a class with a bunch of ripped young’ns, there’s a reason for that, too!  I went to two classes this week that were exceptional.  One was yesterday with a male instructor named Nino.  He lead a solid and fun class without any stops.  Usually there’s a moment between songs, but non with Nino!  Today I went back to Northgate for the Christmas Eve dance party.  It was insanely crowded, but such a fun, energetic and worthwhile workout!  I realized that Camille is reliable and awesome, and a new instructor (to me) named Jessica was absolutely incredible.  She was precise, energetic and just as sweaty as me when we finished!  Macky, my partner in crime, and I both said it was a fantastic workout.  I’m sore, let’s just say that….  I love it.  The perfect way to start the Christmas holiday! 

 {You can see Macky and me in the back there.  She’s wearing the Seahawks hat and I’m next to her.}
I came home to the most Christmassy feeling I’ve felt in a long time.  I’m making the point to be grateful for my blessings in life, this holiday season.  I generally try to be like that, but sometimes traffic, work, minor inconveniences and all that can take the shine away from what this life really is: an opportunity.  A gift.  We finished up preparing for tomorrow’s meals, took a hot chocolate walk after dark to look at our neighborhood’s lights, played a few video games, opened our jammies, watched The Grinch, read The Night Before Christmas…  And now we are waiting for the babies to crash out so Santa can come in to make  his deliveries to them.  Happiness, always, friends, but especially right now.  Kindness, always, but especially today.  Especially today.  Happy Christmas, enjoy!  Much love❤️


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