Zumba Madness and the Real 12

We worked it out today in the comfort of our very own rumpus room.  Ever since I started dancing Zumba I wanted to get all the Lj’s onboard.  At first that just meant Gigi, but over time I wanted Bradley to experience the wonder that is Zumba as well as Jude.  So, today, we logged into our Shine Dance Fitness account to try out our first family Zumba date!  Half of us loved it, meaning Gigi and I.  We loved it.  The boys were done after 30 minutes ;). Gigi and I were sweating and really digging it up until about the 50 minute mark, after we had a killer lunges and thigh routine, and then we were tuckered.  At that point, we stopped the 60 minute class and just did a few favorite songs like Shake it Off, All About the Bass and Time of Our Lives.  I loved it.  The whole time.  I think Zumba is just so much fun.  I grin like a fool, move a lot, get sweaty and have a great time, but I understand that it’s not for everyone.  😉  Crazy people…

Oh my goodness.  I extra love Shine Dance Fitness- I just found a New Kids on the Block routine!  Remix(I Like the)…  Oh my.  Be still my beating heart…  LOL!  

I guess it should be noted, as well, that I managed to go for a two mile walk afterwards and then ate white bread with buratta cheese and olive oil.  It’s good that I follow up my workout with healthy food choices, wouldn’t you agree?  Oh my.  It just looked soooo good!

Anyhow, this was a great week for working out.

  • Monday I ran 5 miles
  • Tuesday my friend Julie and I tried out the Shine Dance Fitness Zumba at school to see if it might work.  It does.
  • Wednesday we had four dancers for a whole entire hour class of Zumba from Shine Dance Fitness in my classroom.  We danced in the dark and we all loved it!  We decided to dance every week on Tuedays and Wednesday’s.  
  • Thursday I zipped over to a different school in my district where a friend of mine teaches a hula hooping class.  It’s a shockingly good workout!  It’s also where my Daily 5 came from in the collage.  After that I went to my school’s skate night and held hands with kids as we went round and round and round and round…
  • Friday night our kids had a sleepover so we went on a date to the mall where we managed to achieve all of our steps while looking at bedding, food options, clothes, calendars and all kinds of other things that we didn’t need to buy.  😉
  • Saturday was lazy and eventually lead to running a quick 5K around my kitchen island out of necessity while the kids watched a movie.  Bradley and his split, big toe joined me for the final mile.  Started my health journal (as seen below).

On Friday one of my colleagues gave me a compliment telling me that I look really good, lately.  She asked if I’m losing weight, to which I answered, “Eh.”  I think I grunted something else out, too, but I didn’t know how to respond!  On 1/1. I weighed in at 199-200.  A week later I dropped down to 194.  Two days later I weighed 199.  Then 200.  Then 201!  I was working out like a madwoman, being mindful of my nutrition and I was making smart choices!  To gain weight was insulting!  I had to cinch in my belt in another notch and successfully tried on a size 12 pair of jeans (OMGoodness- size 12 pants fit me?!?!?), but still was weighing in around 198-200.  Talk about annoying.  But, even if the scale is being a big, giant party pooper, at least I’m a size 12 now!  Today I weighed 195, so hopefully that’s a good sign…

We went to Ross after we’d, perhaps, had a little bit of the rare, fancy, adult-variety beverage on our mommy- daddy date night and decided to wander so we could drive home safely (one beer- we weren’t wasted or liquored up, mostly just wanted a shopping excuse).  Wandering around aimlessly turned into a passion, nay, need to find some new jeans, so we each went off in our separate try-on rooms with our arms loaded with jeans.  I chose mostly size 14’s and one size 12 that didn’t come in a 14, so I just decided to give it a go…  The 14’s I tried on were actually sloppy on me.  Not huge, by any means, but not fitted.  I slid into the 12’s like they were made for me.  I was shocked.  I remember when I went from a 14 to a 12 when I was 17 years old, too.  I was shopping for my prom dress and the 14 just fit a little odd.  The sales lady suggested a 12, to which my mom and I may have actually laughed, the idea was so far fetched.  But again, When I tried it on, it slid on like it was made for me.  I still have it in my closet…  Perhaps I need to try!  😉

 Oh my goodness!!!  Lol!  I did it!  Does it fit?  NO!  But can I shimmy into it and hold it pretty much closed?  Yep!  But it is a bit tight in the front.  Clearly I didn’t have all the belly flop when I was 17.  Now I accomplished a rare feat of having so much of said belly flop that a camel toe that is visible through my dress.  But seriously!  I’ll chalk this up to a victory!  I never thought I’d be even close to wearing that dress again!  Wow.  Through the course of writing this I discovered something pretty awesome!  I’m a bigger-sized size 12 now and can almost, kind of fit back into the dress I wore when I felt the very best, ever in my life!  Woot!

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    1. Lesleigh A

      There was a women in my Zumba class that reminded me of you. It’s hard not to have a great time with someone having a great time standing next to you! We had a blast. It was probably the best Zumba workout yet!

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