Your Top Ten

These are the top hits on my website in order of most to least read:

1. How it all Began – the genesis story of this Tamara Shazam body project.
2. One Year Ago Today – a year’s difference with a before and after that caught me off guard. I’d been blind to the difference until this day!
3. Bikini– my justification for wearing one and pictures of me in one.
4. Redeye
5. Independence Day – a reflection about my emotional growth over the past year.
6. 15 Years – compa
7. Let’s Compare, Shall We? A photographic comparison of my face over the past five years.
8. Numbers– the first time I squeezed into a size fourteen in 23 years.
9. Thoughts About Training
10.Disney Decision – when I committed to running the Disney Princess Half marathon