We were all about the long run today.  Training has been difficult.  It’s not like we don’t have the time, it’s just that who wants to go run around for 90 minutes in the heat in preparation for a half marathon in a month?  I mean, I do but I also really don’t.  You understand what I mean!  I was getting a little nervous, truth be told.  We have been pretty consistent with our short runs, but the longer runs have been harder.  Last year I thought that if I could run a 10k that it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to run a half marathon.  I was both right and wrong.  Right in that, yes.  I can do it without too much training.  Wrong in that I really paid the price in pain for a week afterwards as well as during the race.  So, anyhow, I was getting nervous that, with about five weeks left we are a little behind, but today’s 6.5 totally made up for that.

And Guinevere ran her furthest distance of 6.5 miles!  After today’s run, it’s all new distances for us.  I’m really proud of her tenacity and willingness to train for this race!  Yahoo!  We just got the info for My Better Half Marathon and I’m going to let her decide what her distance will be this year.  Something tells me that she’s going to be a half marathon girl from now on, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

While out for our run, my potty problem arose again.  We stopped after three miles, our first loop, at the house so I could go pee.  Then when we got to the QFC (hence the QFC selfie), I had to go again!  Afterwards,  I happily ran past my favorite rose ever, the yellow rose of Kenmore, and there was the urgency again!  Then, after another mile, I had to go so bad that I literally peed myself right there on the street.  Guinevere ran home while I sat on the street corner in my wet pants and called Bradley to come fetch me and to bring a towel.  I also have an appointment with my doctor.  This is so outside of normal- I should not have to pee right before I leave the house, run three miles, pee again, run two miles, pee again and then, after another mile, pee myself on the street.  I wasn’t embarrassed or horrified, it just looked like I sat down, but when I got up, there was a puddle under me!  😂😂😂 This is not conducive to the lifestyle I want to live and must be fixed!  UTI?  Bladder infection?  OAB?  We will soon find out!  I’ve been waiting for that day when I reverted back to my infant ways and actually had an accident as an adult!  I’m just glad it was so close to home and resources!


  1. Paula

    It has been so hot & humid here too. Yesterday we hit 90 & with the dew point up it felt like 99. I ran but my time does suffer for sure. It has been hot for the last 3 weeks here. Great job of training done by Gigi. You have set a wonderful example. Now get yourself to the Dr as you won’t be able to do a 1/2 with that yellow problem. Hope your well soon.

  2. Brenna

    Man, that sounds miserable– UTIs are no fun(if that’s what it turns out to be). I love the photos from your runs!

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