Word on the Streak

Well, today I finished my ‘streak’.  I didn’t end it with a big, giant, 10-mile run like I was planning, rather I ended with a little more than a 10 kilometer run.  😉 (That’s 6.5 miles, instead.) Yesterday while I was out on my run I kept getting texts.  Since texts can mean emergencies, I kept trying to check my Garmin (I can read texts on the mini screen) and my phone but the sun was shining, I got distracted and learned why I shouldn’t text and drive.  I fell.  Twice.  Within about one block of one another.  The people on that block were probably wondering who the drunk woman running down their road was…  I earned a bruised knee and scraped up palms, but nothing to get too excited about.  This morning I woke up a little sore, but still planned on running a longer run until I got all hopped up on adrenaline from a feisty conversation and tried to be a gazelle on the trail run portion of my route.  I made it within 20 feet of where I planned to start walking and bit it as i went over a root but my toe caught one and sent me flying!  Three falls in two days- I hope that means I’m done.  I got home and feel pretty sore in my back and shoulders, now.  I’m glad I learned that lesson the hard way on foot, though, rather than in my car- don’t text and run/drive!  LOL!

Regarding the streak, I am pleased.  It was fun to prove to myself that I can run many days in a row without having an adverse reaction in my body.  It was interesting to learn that two miles seems like a small distance, now.  When I ran, running less than three miles felt like cheating.  I like knowing that my short distance is now three miles.  Cool!  I also liked learning that I can run further distances within the shorter distances without getting overly tired.  Indeed, I felt the stress on my muscles the next day after I fell, but for the most part, I was resilient and capable.  While I would like to continue on with it, I’m not sure that’s realistic as the year winds to a close.  I have a huge museum project with my students, I’m coordinating a talent show, my Martha dog is really not doing well and just the stress of having a husband and children and house and job….  It’s a lot to add the pressure of running every day into that.  I need to add in some grace so I think I want to try to work out at least five days a week.  Perhaps I’ll start there with consistent running and Zumba, then in the summer, when I’m not working at school, I can start a streak that could potentially rocket into September.  I want to lose ten pounds before the end of the school year, too.  Big time.  If I could start my summer in the 180’s, that could be amazing.  Not because I’d have any more of a beach body than I do now, but becasue of the accomplishment of meeting a goal.  

So, here we go into the last fifty days of the 2015-2016 school year!  Cheers to you all!

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  1. Lesleigh

    I’m SO sorry about all the falling! How crazy. But ten days is a long running streak. I’ve never gone that long. I may have to try it now. Hope you’re OK by tomorrow with no soreness from the last fall.

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