Who Wears Short Shorts?

Not me. In fact, I’m thinking I’m at that special age in a girl’s life when she stops wearing shorts. A few years ago (and a few pounds ago) I thought it might be that time, but then the getting in shape/weightloss brouhaha shook down this year and I was hopeful that just maybe, just perhaps it was time. My legs and saggy thighs would look amazing and I would be able to wear those five to seven inch inseams…

Specimen number one is a size 14 denim number with a five inch inseam purchaser from Old Navy. Five inches seemed like the right idea, until my butt seemed grow a few inches in these things. They definitely brought out that nice, wide mom-butt look that the 40-year-old-mom set is looking for. Eye roll. Specimen number one proves my point- I look awful in shorts that are long enough to cover my inner thigh droopiness.

Specimen number two are also a size 14 from Old Navy. This time round I went with the daring three inch inseam on some olive colored cargo shorts. From a distance, I’m all like SCORE! the fit is good, the length doesn’t widen my booty… But then there’s this when you get up close:

You’re welcome for not making that full sized. I think I’m sticking with capris and skirts this summer.
Today was a loooong day. Regular school stuff topped with a staff meeting followed by a track meet and finally life at home with children. I wanted to cry when I realized I had to make dinner when I got home. Life can be so unfair.
Anyhow, got home, helped my dear husband make some quick vittles and decided to spend some
time outdoors by way of tending my garden. With headphones. Playing New Kids. At one point this very cheesy but sincere NKOTB song came on and it was about going out with a bang. I got all excited and pumped that I am doing that- I’m starting the second half of my life strong so I can do it without compromising more than I really have to. Then I wanted to skip and run all over the yard so I decided to go for a run and ran my fastest mile in a while of 9:54! Yahoo! It was really fun. Sure ended my night with a bang, too! >


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  1. I don’t wear short shorts either. Another option that you may consider are burmuda length shorts. The are long enough to cover and arent as frumpy as many capris. Just find ones that arent too tight at the knee! Good luck! Im always on the lookout for cute burmudas–they work much better for me!

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