Some months are like that.  It seems like we just picked our garden pumpkins, school started and all of the sudden we are staring Thanksgiving in the eye?  What??  I remember when I was a kid, talking to this really neat elderly fellow in my neighborhood.  He wondered aloud about how, when you’re closing in on 90, the days are linked minutes, months like a week and years fly by like months. I was alarmed.  Life already whipped by when I was 13.  How much faster could it go?  Well, I’m learning because October flew.  I was just celebrating finishing my reading assessments when it was suddenly the eve of Guinevere’s birthday then conference week was here and my birthday, Captain Jack and Halloween…  Holy cow.  My neighbor Chuck was sure right.  But like my favorite poet wrote once, not so long ago, “Time truly flies, and if you’re lucky, you can fly right along with it.”— Tyler Knott.  So, let’s fly, shall we?

I fell off the wagon a bit as I celebrated my birthday and Guinevere’s birthday this weekend.  I was expecting it and was happy to be celebrating my birthday with the 8k, so health was built in.  Even still, the sugar addict was reawakened and I’m battling that bitch.  Again.  Again.  Again.  When will that leave me??  I suppose when I turn down the fun size.  And really.  The fun only lasts as long as the candy, then it’s hell to either deny myself or eat more and I’m not at a place where I can be eating more, so denial is my method right now.  Sigh.  Rebuilding those habits and flipping my switch again.  AGAIN!  

At my school’s fun run with my posse

In more motivating news, I have been invited by Orca Running to take over their Instagram feed.  I’ve decided to use it as motivation to build some good exercise habits as I follow November’s lead in to winter.  Unbeknownst to our kids, we have a trip to Disneyland planned in December and Bradley and I decided to try to lose five pounds before the trip.  My clothes will certainly fit better and I’ll sure feel better, as well.  So, project Orca to Disney in place!  LOL!  With any luck, November will fly by and I’ll be a few pounds lighter and many degrees fitter when we get there!

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