Whiny Wednesday

I like to get my runs done early in the week so they don’t hang over my head. We were busy Monday and Tuesday with various events, so I’m making both of my runs today and tomorrow (I already did one run on Sunday) with my longer run on Saturday.
Yesterday I wanted to run. Today, I wanted nothing more than to not run. But I still did. The first mile was brutal, the second and third were great, but then I decided to challenge myself. I decided to catch up with Bradley and run at his pace for the last quarter mile home. I picked up my pace and picked up my pace and picked up my pace and could not catch the man. I was running my butt off and was not an inch closer to him. Out of breath and wheezing, I asked him if he was trying to draft me. He answered that he was, and I burst into tears. It was not my finest moment, but I cried the rest of the way home about how I could never catch him and it’s so frustrating and wah wah wah. My sweet husband just looked at me and said that this was a hard run at the end of a hard day (first day of common core testing and other insanity) and I sure must be tired. I cried even harder because he is always so nice and even when I want to blame him for something he is always so kind that I can’t ever even believe that he would be mean or mocking!
As a side note, sometimes it stinks to be married to such a good, kind person. I never have a fall guy to take the blame for stuff my brain wants to deny its responsible for. I always have to realize own my own behavior! LOL
Anyhow, I walked in the door feeling defeated. I can’t even understand why. I did it. I ran. I made my training goal. think I’m a leeetle bit moody. Hmmm?


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