Weekly Fitness

My new all-time low is 203.4, as of Friday. I’m so excited to be three pounds away from 200 now!! Onederland is totally in my sights now and I’m determined to get there before I see my 41st birthday on October 29th. It’s funny how my birthday has become such a marker to me, though it only makes sense that the day I was born be the day that I measure my success. I should be getting better every year and making effort to maintain some level of health. I suppose it’s a very good thing to take stock once a year, make a goal and see if I can meet it.
To support this goal, I’m still doing a lot of low impact cardio. Like I wrote last week, I’ve been running and using the elliptical for at least thirty minutes a night, often closer to an hour, at a heartrate between 130-150. I’ve also been fastidious about hitting 10,000 steps per day, and so far I’m pleased with my progress! Since school’s beginning, I’ve gone from 210 to 203.
Last week I walked and ran about 12 miles and met my 10,000 steps goal daily. I love working out on my treadmill and find that it is so low impact that I can run and run and run, and before I know it, 45 minutes have gone by and it feels like 20. That is a very good feeling!

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