Weekend Weightloss Warrior

It’s been quite the weekend. The rain, OH the rain, how it fell. The wind blew a lot, so we went to the park to fly kites during the few moments the sun peeked through… Despite that I still managed to get out to run in it twice, to do the hill twice. In fact, this was a great weekend for exercise all around. My goal this weekend was to exercise like a maniac, to exercise so much that my return to work is a sore return, to exercise hard every day! I did it. My muscles ache in a satisfying way. We did Jillian workouts every day except today, I rode the elliptical every day except today and I did weights every day except today. Today I ‘only’ ran 3.6 miles including a hill with 485 feet of altitude in half a mile. That now I run halfway up. I’m that guy now. Ha ha! But I really am feeling happy that I took my fitness so seriously all weekend long. Warrior week should be good and pumped up now, thanks to this crazy, long weekend!

I’ve started using an app called, shockingly enough, Heart Rate, to track my heart rate. When I woke up this morning I was at 51, which puts me in the ‘athletic’ zone for heart-rate. Who woulda thought? While I was working out, I was between 130’s-140’s, which is the sweet spot where I want to be. It’s been fun to have a new tool to noodle around with and track my health! Sometimes it seems excessive to monitor so much, but frankly, all these toys and tools help to inform my practices and refine what I’m doing so I can be even more successful.
Tomorrow I return to school for a three day week. My kids are off all week, though, so I’ll just pretend it’s like summer and I just have to go to school for a little while to work in my classroom. That way I can feel like I am cruising on vacay for the rest of the week!

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