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Today we broke our ‘not running’ streak with the first run since 5/30!  Yahoo!  In fact, this week I actually met all of my goals: I dialed back the stress level by taking care of my jobs as quickly as possible, I walked twice and ran once and I got my nutrition back into control.  Well, mostly.  Baby steps, right?  I have a tendency to move at a snail’s pace and do things slowly because I fear failure in this area so much, so I’ll definitely take a ‘getting there’ process week.  The hard work will come, again.  I’m giving myself until school is officially out before I return to my running and eating plans in earnest…  Which brings up something interesting: I went on a big ole bender including a relatively large share of ice cream and sour patch watermelon candies, no exercise and very few vegetables and only gained two pounds.  It’s a little frustrating to think about.  I bust my booty eating right and working out, trying to strengthen this machine I live in, and it’s odd that such a dietary and exercise shift to the negative didn’t have a greater impact on my weight.  To be clear, I’m not complaining, I just think it’s really weird.  

Moving forward, I have two and a half days of school left.  We have a somewhat normalish morning on Monday, but then it’s all an endgame from there with parties, read ins and fun stuff to close it out.  It will be a great ending.  I’ve finished report cards and put away most of my classroom.  I feel oddly still, this June, as I’m usually packing boxes full of my stuff as I’ve moved almost every year, except one, during the last five.  I’m actually saying goodbye to my kiddos, hugging them, playing with them, laughing, singing and doing all the stuff that kids remember.  It’s been fun.  

Yesterday my own two finished out their shared time in elementary school.  She’s off to junior high, next year, while he is no longer a primary students and stepped up to intermediate as a 3rd grader.  It was our last morning for a picture like this as separate schools also have separate start times and our mornings are about to get a little more complicated with a bus added into the mix.  I hate to be maudlin, but it’s one more measure of distance between us all as we continue to spread out further and further.  It’s incredible, the rate at which life flies by.  I feel lucky to live it with this much love…  But I do wish it would slow down just a tad.

{Meet our newest family member: Queen Freddie Sparkles Zool Littlejohn}

This summer we are determined to strengthen our familial bonds.  We are headed to my parent’s to pick up our new little puppy family member, a good visit an some lake time, first,  followed by a road trip to Northern California.  I’m so excited to hike the Redwoods as a capable, fit and healthy person for the first time.  Bradley and I haven’t been since we were 26 & 27 years old and I was easily 290 pounds.  I remember he wanted to hike the Avenue of the Giants and it just seemed like too much for me at the time.  Not anymore!  Finally, miracle of miracles, we’ll close out our summer with a trip to Hogwarts and Disneyland.  We weren’t sure we were going to go, but then the combination of an amazing deal coupled with the acute awareness that our daughter is rapidly coming into all kinds of adult information about the mythical and magical beings whom we invite into our homes, keeping the magic alive in our family seemed important.  We went from a staycation summer to a summer full of adventure!  I’m so excited!!!

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  1. Paula

    Running with the hubby is great isn’t it? Mine comes often with me & it is such a great way to spend time together. We like to run at those “easy” pace so we can hold a conversation at the same time. Glad to hear you broke your no run streak. It didn’t last very long at all!

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