Wash, Rinse, Repeat 

Not a lot is going on…  I’ve been working out and doing my things.  Things like running, walking, eating right, tracking my meals, playing with my kids.  My things.  The things I’m supposed to be doing!  I was posting every day on my blog without saying a lot and realized it was just noise so I dialed it back a little and all of the sudden five days passed!  What the what?!  Ha ha!  In that time frame I got a lot accomplished!

  • I found out at my mystery bleeding was nothing meaningful or terrible.  All my blood work came back perfect.
  • I saw a band called Love Bomb Go-Go at my local park and was left speechless.  It was a marching band, a party, a live music performance and invitation to join a space cult all in one.  I may have crushed a little on the guy with the trumpet and shirt with all the cut-outs, but whatever.  It was one of the coolest and most memorable performances I’ve seen in a long time.

  • The accountability group met up at a local track on the only rainy day of the week, quite by accident, and had a gorgeously productive walk/run.
  • I ran a total of about 8 miles, hiked four and got my steps in every day.  I’m averaging out over three runs per week over the last thirty days, so that feels good that the number is on the rise!

  • Bradley and I went on a date without the kids, but with the puppy, and ended up at an alternative maker craft fair, followed by a walk all over the UW campus in Seattle, pretending like we were still 23 and in attendance there.  While I never officially enrolled at the University of Washington, everyone I seriously dated or was close friends with went there except me, so it’s my honorary alma mater.  😉 
  • I finally registered for the Snohomish River Run Half Marathon.  It’s happening the second week in October and will be my birthday gift to myself for my 43rd birthday (which will happen 20 days later, but whatever)!  My friend, Jessica, stud that she is, is planning to run it again as well, so it will be nice to have her friendly face there for two years in a row.  Plus?  I love the medal and shirt this year!  I just hope I like the fit of the shirt this year as much as I like last year’s shirt.  It is one of the only race shirts I actually wear.

  • Jude and I went on a mother son date.  We painted pottery (he made a Plants Versus Zombie mug for himself and designed the flower motif that I painted on the pot) and then went out to a little cafe for lunch.  I was just kind of making conversation with him, asking him what he likes about summer, what he’s looking forward to, what his best day has been and do you know what he said?  He told me, with tears in his eyes, that this is his favorite day because it was just the two of us and he just loves me so much.  That we never get to do things like this, so today was extra special to him.  I was flabbergasted at his sincerity and sweetness.  That boy.  I’m lucky to have him as a son for life and some lucky girl has an amazing partner in her future.❤️
  • Food + tracking + exercise = problem for me…  I find that tracking my food and exercise actually makes me eat more.  I enter in all of my calories consumed, enter in my exercise completed/calories burned and I get all excited about eating something extra! If I could just consume my calories allotted and not eat my calories I’m burning , I might stand a chance this summer. As it stands now, I’m not losing anything.  In fact, I’m still sitting in the 200’s and I’m feeling pretty discouraged about it.  I know how to fix it, but right now I seem to be in a viscious cycle that I’m having a hard time escaping.  On the plus side, I’m exercising my butt off.  On the negative side, my butt is going nowhere as I continue eating and eating!  Just keep swimming, as Dory says!


  1. Paula

    First of all I am so glad to hear your health is good. I had a bleeding issue too but it was part of the life cycle of us women. For me it was the signal of what was to come. I went through an early menopause. Just another part of life. Reading how you take time for a date with your son rocks. One of the best memories from childhood was the dates my father would take me on. Dinner for my birthday just the 2 of us was so meaningful. Or a road trip to pick up a car. I am sure Jude will look back and feel the same. I am in awe that you do 1/2 marathons! The longest I have done is a 10k. I find I am built more for endurance than speed. Maybe I should think about a 1/2.

  2. Lesleigh

    I love the story about your date with your son and what he said! What a sweetheart! One on one time is so amazing.

    Hey my next half is the same as yours I think! Oct 15th. I start training this week which is usually when I get serious with my eating… Which I’ve needed to do for awhile. High 5 that you’ve been doing so good with food and exercise this summer!!✋

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