Congratulations to my friend, Vicki, who not only ran her first 5K this weekend, but is also my first willing and official reader with a motivational story to share!

Before the Run or Dye 5K
My friend, Vicki, ran her first 5k this last Saturday. She said she decided to jog the whole way before she started and she never once stopped! I understand what an accomplishment that is!
Vicki started her weight loss journey on July 29th, 2013 at 210 pounds and reached her goal in May of 2014. She lost 65 pounds, so she got down to 145. She’s always been an avid walker and really didn’t do much “running” per se’. She walks around 10 miles per week, and over the last 6 months she has done some jogging off and on while she walked, just to kind of see what she could do. She actually has been pleasantly surprised by how her body has responded to the jogging and found that she could actually do a slow jog pretty much non stop for about 3 miles. She decided she wanted to do the Run or Dye 5k just to say she did it. She is not really a big fan of hard core running, only because she has knee and joint issues, but has enjoyed seeing what her body can do. She says she would love to eventually, maybe, do a 10K in the next year or so, but doesn’t really have much interest in more than that. The best part? She says she feels a lot better, physically, than she did a year ago.

After the Run or Dye 5K – She ran the whole way!


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