This girl is not an Easter miracle this week, for sure.  Nope.  Newp.  Definitely not.   Any ‘uns’ that you can think of pretty much apply to me and my health right now: I’m unmotivated, undisciplined, uninterested…   I mean, I’m mildly motivated and interested.  I have been doing Zumba and I have been running two miles or so at a time for a grand total of six miles this week…  But I’m also not eating the best, not sleeping the best.  I’m worrying too much with the full awareness that I have nothing to worry about and the knowledge that I’m pretty happy, but my brain just keeps going through the files trying to figure out something to be upset about or to worry about.  After my training for the 15k, I still have the enthusiasm to run events but none of the enthusiasm to train for them.  I think I have something coming up at the end of April, but do you think I spent the second it takes to look it up so I can prepare for my race?  No.  Ignorance allows me to be apathetic, for now.  I can panic later, I suppose.  But for now?  Sure.  I’ll have another jelly bean, thankyouverymuch.

If I’m perfectly honest, I know what has me in a kerfluffle:

  • This week we have a musical in my second grade classroom with a cast entirely consisting of second graders.  Yes it’s adorable, meaningful and fun, but even the most fun stuff can bring a lot of stress.
  • March is the month in education without a holiday, snow day or planned day off, but also contains at least one full moon and conferences, so it feels like the month that never ends.  As teachers, we feel every single one of those 31 days.  Aiyiyi!
  • The presidential election in our country this time round is about 10,000 times more stressful than I have ever experienced.  This is high stakes, this time, and I haven’t met a soul who is sustaining support for the terrifying, tyrannical Trump, yet there he is, stressing my tail out at the end of every day!  I want it over.
  • Isis.  Why?  Why why why why?  Just STOP it.  I don’t want to think about you and you keep forcing me to with all of these atrocious acts on the world.  Just stop.
  • Money- is there ever enough?  Taxes are due, life needs to be lived and sometimes those two statements and needs appear to be conspiring against one another.


Spring Break begins on this coming Friday at 3:25 and this year I feel like I really need it.  I’m lucky/unlucky that my kids have the week at school and my husband is fairly busy, so I will be independent, which is quite rare for me.  What are my plans?  I’m planning to take care of myself.  How?  

  • First, I am going to go for a run every day.  I’m going to try out my running streak for the nine days in a row to see how that feels on me.  I had some feedback in the comments over concern for my streak- that my muscle needs to rebuild and all of that- but I would say this: two miles is not far for attempting a streak.  In fact, I think anything under five miles isn’t that big of a deal for many people, but I’ll readily admit that I don’t think I’m in that crowd yet.  If I were attempting a streak of further distances over an extended time period, then I might be concerned, but 60 miles over 30 days seems doable, just like 18 miles over nine days seems totally doable and reasonable.  Furthermore, any streak I do during my working year will also have Zumba involved which allows for the cross training that people want me to make sure to get.  In that case, like one commenter suggested, it will be a ‘cardio’ streak!  😉
  • I’m going to hit the weights three times.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of pulling weights and I need to get back into it.  When I’m pulling weights, my arms and shoulders feel better and I sustain less injury.
  • I’m going to the spa one day.  Preferably at the end of the week when I’m all sore and tired from running and pulling weights and needing to lay around in a room full of hot rocks or salt followed by dunks in the cold and hot pools.  Oh yes.  Hours later, I may emerge.  But maybe not.  I might just move in.
  • My kids have their talent show and I get to attend both of them!
  • My lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers should all be in the ground by the week’s end.  I should also get my cut flower garden planned and planted.  Summer is going to be yummy and pretty at Lj House this year!
  • Sleep.  Then more sleep.  After that?  I plan on sleeping in!  

One more week.  
One.  More.  Week.
I’ve got this.  😉

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  1. Paula

    Happy Easter. I think you are very ready for your spring break. It will give you the breather you need. As someone who worries too, I sometimes just disconnect from the news. Watching can bring on so much anxiety. Between politics & Isis it can make me so scared. But I have a faith that it will only get better. Your week of running & spa sound like heaven. I am sure you will be completely refreshed. Running everyday might be exactly what you need. I look forward to heart no how your streak goes.

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