Yesterday we headed north to see the tulips in Skagit Valley, to play on the beach and just roll around in the sun and love together. It was a great day. I was neither super active (it was sauntering around the tulip field and the hiking portion totaled .5 miles) nor was I terribly strict with my diet (pizza, pretzels, a million almonds, a zillion goldfish crackers and a mere two apple slices), but it was a perfect day, nonetheless.
I kept reflecting, while I was up there, that it was this same journey, last year at this time, was when I first realized the impact my inactivity had had on my family. It was the first time I felt sure enough on my feet and had faith in my endurance to attempt a 1/4 mile hike down to the beach and back. I remember being apprehensive about the return hike up the hill as I walked down, and shocked that it was no big deal when we finally ascended. It was the first time I saw, firsthand, the fruits of my efforts. It’s no coincidence that we were there again, when I’ve been feeling less determined, certainly less than last year. It was fun to retrace my steps and remember the strength I discovered last year.

Today we were back at it. We hit the streets as soon as we dropped the second kiddo off at school. I had a great eating day and am feeling pretty solid. We ran 2.8 miles today and did the hill again for a total of 3.8 miles. I also attempted a pull up. That was laughable. However, I did learn that I can actually support my own weight when I am hanging! In fact, I was hanging AND swinging and let go and jumped like a monkey. I felt pretty tough!>

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