It’s funny how one day you’re all gung-ho about something (running) and the next day the thought of doing that very thing (running) seems like the most annoying thing in the world ever.  I even considered breaking my streak with a ‘meh, I was just seeing if I could.’  But, once again, I had that little angel?  Devil?  Whatever it is, on my shoulder whispering that the Tamara who made this whole streaking goal would be mightily disappointed if I failed to make it.  I love/hate how the goals I set for myself have so much sway when the going gets tough.  I hate being disappointed in myself and I really want this silly streak, thing!  😜  

Today I just battled the end-of-vacation-blues, I think.  I know, it’s no biggie, but a week can simply fly by and this week certainly did.  It was busy in an errand-running kind of way.  There were definitely high points, but I didn’t get nearly enough accomplished that I intended to so I was kind of surly and sour from the get go this morning.  I didn’t want to run.  At all.  We had a busy morning and by the time I had a moment to think of running it was later in the afternoon and the sun was shining warmer than I like to run in.  See how good I am at talking myself out of running?  Finally I decided to take it easy on myself and allowed myself to watch brain-mush TV while running on the treadmill in my garage.  Once I got rolling, of course it got fun and I ended up running at a 5 mph pace for 3.1 instead of 2.0!  I know I love it when I get going so I’m not sure why I fight it so hard!  That said, that picture makes it look like I was having way more fun than I actually was.  I agree.  Running isn’t that fun.  😉

A note about treadmill running: it’s totally different than street running- both easier and harder.  It’s easier becasue you don’t have to think.  You can get lost in your music, your thoughts, your tv show, your conversation, whatever.  You don’t have to think about crossing streets, if what you’re wearing is bright enough and whether or not that person is going to hit you because they’re texting.  Also?  It’s easier to run with no potholes, curbs, hills, valleys or anything.  You just go.  Without hills, though, you never push hard then take it easy on the other side.  Boring.  On a treadmill it can feel more difficult because you just go and go and go and go and never slow down.  Keeping that consistent pace can be a challenge, a metronome, a boom-boom-boom.  Also?  Snore.  It’s so boring to run in my garage, no matter how much drama those housewives are bringing!  I love to look at the sky, look at the trees, smell the flowers, feel the sun…  I love that.  My garage is not inspiring.  At all.  

I thought it was interesting to note the trajectory my steps are on.  It looks like my count is getting back up there again!  Yahoo!  


  1. Lesleigh

    I’ve run on the treadmill way to much this winter and spring. I keep trying to get out but the weather always gets bad or cold on days I could run outside. I’m a wimpy outdoor runner. :-/ Congrats on the streak!

  2. Paula

    I run quite a bit on my treadmill. It has over 30 different runs with different levels of speeds and inclines. Makes running on it not too boring. But I prefer running outside too. It is a bit harder on the feet, but l love looking around & taking in all that fresh air & sun. Living in the northern Midwest, getting outside is a big plus.

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