Tomorrow I will run. I have missed running so very much. I miss the high, yes. The body strengthening, yes. The feeling of empowerment, the feeling of being strong, of realizing the fitness in my body.
But more than anything? I miss being able to eat something while thinking, “I can really enjoy this because I worked my butt off running earlier.” Guilt free eating. Is that what this all comes down to? Ha ha! Truth be told, yeah, kinda. If I were Garfield I’d be doing it for the lasagna.
I’m so ready to get this ball rolling again. How ready? I enthusiastically asked if tomorrow, bright and early, we could go run at the track. And I’m really excited about doing just that.
(I usually really especially hate running at the track.)
Aside from looking like it’s slightly necrotic, my ear is better. I’ve been keeping it covered so people don’t think I’ve been bitten by a zombie and I’m starting the zombification process at the point of my ear. It’s not hurting, it’s not infected and it feels normal- aside from the nasty appearance. I’m so happy. About the healing – not the walking dead crust. 🙂

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