I started my first full week of summer with a bang! I woke up and found out there’s a body pump class that happens at 9:30 on Monday mornings at the gym near my house. I lit out of the house, with Jude in tow, to the Super-24 Hour Fitness nearby. I walked in, scanned my finger and had to see the attendant. Apparently I don’t belong to that gym. I belong to the lesser, more common, 24 Hour Fitness. If I wanted to regularly attend the Super I would need to pay 15 more dollars per month. Erm, no thank you. It was bigger, there were more machines and classes, but the biggest difference I saw was that there were towels for anyone’s use there. A laundry service is what I’d gain for 15 more dollars per month if I wanted to go there. I think I’m ok- I know, now, to bring my own towel. But the class was great! I’m still figuring out what kind of weight I want to use for the different reps, but I’m getting it. I looked at a different location of a gym, also near my house, and think that I’ll go there in the future for my gym needs. (In case you didn’t guess, I think I’m keeping the gym for the summer… But we will see.)

I got home, packed a quick picnic and we headed out to St. Edward Park for a quick hike and extended play structure time. I realized, recently, that in my quest for fitness and health I had also stopped allowing long, kid-focused park times for hanging out, swinging on swings and playing lava monster. I’d get sweaty then too cold to stand around. Bored. Thirsty. Tired. So we’d leave. I’m making it a goal to give my kids time, while they’re still little enough to want to play, to leap around the park. I’ll bring sweaters, food and water so I won’t have a reason to take off. Today we were successful and it has been a wonderful, active, family-focused day. 🙂

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