I went on my first run, post-half marathon.  I kept it short and sweet at two miles, but they were two of the happiest, autumnal miles that I’ve had the pleasure to run.  The sun was shining and it was like was running through the middle of Stars Hollow with all the gorgeous leaves on the ground and dangling from leaves.  I’m really looking forward to taking a longer run, again.  It’s kind of funny: since running the 13.1 miles it really feels like I should be able to cruise longer distances without too much of a problem.  I certainly pushed myself that day, but I’m certain I can condition my body to run long distances and that I can handle a lot more than I give myself credit for.  

I was a little concerned that I might lose a toenail, mid run, I have one that is threatening to flip off and one that has turned black, now.  I keep watching to see what is going to actually happen.  The toenail drama is fascinating to me.  It doesn’t hurt and is just morbidly interesting to me.  

I haven’t anything amazing to report.  I have conferences next week.  My parents are coming into town this weekend, my son is an incredible writer, my daughter is actively reaching back to me again…  Lots of good stuff if happening.  I have a birthday next week, my students are writing amazing papers…  Life is marvelous!

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  1. Our weather is finally changing and is cooler, so I’ve been enjoying my walks a lot more lol! Looks like a gorgeous area to walk in! (also, added you back on my new links list too!) 🙂

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