Thursday Summertime

I’m not even through with my day and already I can tell you what a difference journaling my food makes!  I decided to just eat normally, like what I’ve been eating lately and found that by the time I’m done with breakfast I’m also halfway done with my calories for the day!  Oops!  And, if I’m perfectly honest, I think of the morning as the ‘light’ portion of my day, as far as eating goes.  I was about to settle into a lovely afternoon of reading romance novels when I entered my data into MyPlate and found:

Oops!  I have some work to do, regarding shifting habits and realized a need to get a workout in!  I hurried into my bathing suit and was about to get into the pool to do some calorie incinerating pool jogging when the doorbell rang.  MY NEW GARMIN CAME!!!!  My old Garmin broke (the display stopped working) on May 17th and I’ve been without it ever since.  The fault lies with me as Garmin’s customer service was top notch and all I had to do was pay shipping to return the device and they upgraded me to the newer model as a replacement.  While I still enjoyed exercising without the Garmin, there’s nothing quite as motivating as wearing a step counter, I tell you what.  At first it was a relief to take it off and have a break from the constant reminder, but, truth be told, I’ve really been missing it and the accountability it gives me, so I wasted no time in getting it on to charge, connected with the app and on my arm in record time!  I was back downstairs  the pool within half an hour, running laps around the perimeter and burning calories.  

The rest of my family was similarly engaged with reading, playing with Star Wars, playing guitar, scrapbooking and doing any other lazy thing we feel like.  I read, write, smash booked and played with my pupper.  A nice Thursday!  And I even get to eat dinner becasue I worked out- thank goodness!  🙂

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