Three More

I made an ambitious plan this week.  I was talking to a friend who is fairly consistently fit and he mentioned how important it is to work out frequently and if you’re going to work out to leave it all in the gym. At the end of my reps I shouldn’t be able to lift the barbell. My arms and legs and back should feel like they can hardly lift themselves, much less anything else!  When I hear things like that I panic. I think what if I get too tired? What if it hurts? What I  always need to remember is that if I can’t do the work that I have the permission and the wherewithal to stop whenever I need to.  Anyhow after I had that conversation with my friend I decided to go ahead and see what I really capable of in the gym. I made this schedule intending to challenge myself, to give myself my own personal boot camp!  My purpose is to prove myself that I can. It’s to build belief in myself. It’s to build confidence. It’s to go for it. It’s to build grit.  It’s to prove I can do it! Guess what? It’s Wednesday, and I haven’t missed a work out yet!

I think the strangest thing on that schedule is working out twice in one day. There are two days this week that I have planned a run on the same day that I am lifting, and that’s pretty foreign to me. When I think about working out I think I’m just getting it done, so to have a second workout in the same day is weird and wrong to me. LOL!  The good news is that I already see results.  My stomach is already flatter, my face is thinning out, my arms look stronger- everything is swollen and tight.  Bradley took a picture yesterday and I was so pleased.  I’m excited to continue on to the end of summer.  If I keep my variables tight, I might have an interesting before/after in September!  I never thought I’d be the kind of person who is interested in playing around with food and exercise to se how much I can change my body in two months.  NEVER.😳

Today I hit another lifting class, did a massive Costco run and then I get to party tonight.   No time for crafting today!  And have I mentioned how deeply happy I am in this version of my life?  Ridiculously so.

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