Three Miles

I’ve taken a couple of runs lately where I’ve just decided to do a 5K. Initially, the three miles was daunting. 1/4 of a mile was daunting, for goodness sake, and I have the 5K up on this pedestal of, like, super hard difficulty level. I think I have a block in my head because when I go out and run three miles it is not a big deal. I marvel afterwards that it feels like I just ran a mile or something.
Anyhow, I’m not bragging it up here just for giggles. I’m trying to psyche myself up to say this next bit aloud: I think three miles should be my new short distance. Why? Because when I go out and run a mile it only takes me 11 or less minutes. 11 minutes doesn’t make a workout. I suddenly realized I’ve been getting all hooked up on the mileage and forgot about endurance! I need to run for thirty minutes to get that good fat burn. Guess how long it takes me to run three miles? Boom. Looks like my body is upping the ante.
Furthermore, as I get lighter the calorie burn is smaller. I need to work longer to get the same burn, so a longer run session should take care of that. I also need to reacquaint myself with my weights system. I’ve been a total slacker!
So, my new goal is to hit right around three miles 3-4 times a week and run five miles once a week. Add some weights, maybe a hike, of course some walks, and I should do pretty well. I told myself that if I can lose five pounds between now and Thanksgiving, I get to go to the spa the day before mashed potato day. So, a mini goal within the greater goal to lose 25 by 3/19/14. I’m currently stalling at 222… But I will be the victor!!

I went and checked out the statistics to see how I did in the 5K and couldn’t help but take a prideful snapshot of my results. I’m super pleased with my mileage – to run sub 11 minute miles was great for me! The other part? I’m totally happy with how I placed! I’m so happy to see I’m not last. Not even close to last! I fact, I think I did a good job! I’m excited to do it again next year.

Lastly, I went for a run with these two guys yesterday. I was planning on running with the big one, but the little one surprised us both at the last minute by asking if he could, please, come running with us. He told us he needed to work out. Of course we said yes, and off we went on an intervals mile with the five-year-old. He was awesome and so was the walk. Today he asked for a hike. Something’s getting into that boy. 🙂

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