The other day, I posted that picture set from January to now, and I have to say, looking at it really surprises me.  Ever since I started my body project I always start the year with the best of intentions and end it in disappointment.  It’s silly, looking back.  Each year I end it lighter and/or more in shape than I started it.  Every year I get healthier.  My goal was always and still is focused on my health.  My bonus is being on the more slender side of the spectrum than before, being more capable using my body, feeling really good about myself…  So I should feel satisfied at any progress toward that goal, but instead I feel disappointed that I didn’t just bang it out of the ballpark and get it done.  Every year I make the goal of weighing 170.  I need to remember what I have done:

  • I lost 15-20 pounds.
  • I started Zumba.
  • I massively toned my stomach, back and thighs.
  • I ran a half marathon.   
  • I started feeling more resilient and happier than I have in a long time.
  • I gained muscle.
  • I tried a spin class.
  • I started lifting weights.
  • My palate switched to healthy.
  • I learned to love working out.

So, really, pretty successful, I’d say.  Then I looked at SkinnyMeg’s year pictures that she posted a few months ago, from when she started lifting and the anniversary one year later.  I realized my transformation wasn’t so different from hers; mine was just the year before that!  I was her ‘before’ picture this year, and who knows?  Maybe next year I can look like her after from this year.  If you know what I mean…

Skinny Meg– a huge inspiration for me…  

 To meet that end, today I woke up and hit the road by 8:30, in order to make it to Zumba by nine.  The last few times I’ve gone to the gym closest to my house it has taken me 20 minutes because I get lost.  Every time.  Seriously.  I’m good at directions when I travel to foreign lands, but in my own neighborhood I get lost nearly on a weekly basis.  Eyeroll.  Anyhow, I got there in just ten minutes and the instructor does some warming up while we wait, so arriving early bonused me an extra 15 minutes of Zumba!  Arriving early also meant that I was rushing so I forgot to eat before I went.  While I don’t like to work out on an empty stomach, neither do I like anything in there.  Food and water bounce around inside me and make me feel sick.  I like to be as empty as possible, but I usually eat a cheese stick, at the very least.  This morning it was just coffee!  Granted, it’s coffee with sugar and cream and fat and flavoring and, I suppose, there is some coffee in there, so I suppose it kind of acted like a meal.  LOL.  I made it through just fine and had a great time.  So far, I’m two for two for working out this break!  Yahoo!  Im still tracking my food and still staying off the scale.  I’m not sure why, but the scale is making me a little bit nervous, lately…  

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  1. Lifting makes SUCH a difference. I have people all over the board (work, PT, family) asking if I’ve lost weight and I really haven’t. Maybe 5lbs. The REAL difference is that I’ve been lifting consistently for 6 months, and the last 2 have been only upper body (’cause of the ankle sprain and tendinitis). It’s truly amazing to see your body composition start to change when you lift!

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