The Weigh of It All

Week three and my gameplay hasn’t changed much, but isn’t it funny how your body just adjusts and all of the sudden your gameplay doesn’t have the same impact??  I’ll admit it: I didn’t get out for a run, again, since last Sunday.  I made it to body pump and Zumba, which was great, but the rest of the week seemed to rush by in a freezing, cold, wet blur.  I didn’t feel like running outside much or even waking up and driving through the rain!!  That said, I do realize that to get the results I have to also brave the yucky weather.

I’ve been handed a blessing and curse, though: Injury!  Blessing because it gives me a great excuse to avoid working out.  LOL!  Just what I don’t need.  Curse because I can’t run, body pump, Zumba or spin until I get this diagnosed and in a safe place.  In we fat girl is super happy.  I’ve been feeling tension in my hips, but that is normal for me.  Then I started feeling my knees ache.  Then they started popping.  Finally I was walking up my stairs and they were straight up hurting, my left knee singing super loud.  I decided to get in the bath and when I bent my knee to lift my leg and step in I stretched something that actually made me cry out in alarm, more than pain.  So, off to the doctor’s for me, this week.  Fun, fun. it feels like sciatica meets swollen bursa meets a cartilage issue.  We will see what happens.  Hopefully I still am allowed to run.

  • I still weigh 232.  
  • I failed the night eating goal
  • I didn’t work out as much as I planned
  • I ate within my caloric plan
  • I added walking to my plan with Julie on Friday
  • I made 10,000 steps 5/7 days with the other two days meeting around 8000 steps

This week:

  • Eat on plan again
  • Stop night eating for reals 
  • Try some upper body weight routines out
  • Go to the dr and protect my knees😖
  • Buy a knee brace 😩

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  1. Paula

    So sorry to hear about your latest injury. Knee injuries are terrible. I hope the appointment at the Dr. went well & you can start running again soon.

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