The Rise of Elasti-Girl!

One of the fun things about having a weightloss blog is that I get to share the weirdest, strangest things that are associated with losing a large amount of fat.
I was a big girl. Like I’ve said on a number of occasions, I don’t have a problem with big, I have a problem with unhappy. If you’re unhappy, fix that, and if you’re unhappy because of the fat or the fat’s side effects, work on that. So, anyhow, I was a pretty big girl. Of course, one day my skin didn’t suddenly split open spilling my innards and fat onto the floor, I streeeetched my skin out with fat over years and years. Then, for good measure, I got pregnant. Twice, while, I might add, weighing at or over 300 pounds. I really thought I was stretched to maximum before I ever got pregnant, but the babies definitively proved that idea to be false. You know, the babies were nice, but the skin? Meh.
Anyhow, today I discovered a new trick my body can do- I’m a real-life, Elasti-Girl! (My tag line is Growing super powers and losing other things… after all!) How do I qualify as a real-life Elasti-Girl? Well, when I have a scratch or bump or otherwise invisible-to-the-naked-eye skin anomaly in a hard-to-see area like the back of my knee, my butt or shoulder, I can simply grab it and pull it around the side of my body to take a look.
Nope. I’m not joking.
Like bread dough. Both really cool and unnerving…
I’ve not been doing anything with diet or exercise this week. I haven’t gone off my rocker or anything, but I haven’t worked out. At all. I’m moving my classroom plus finishing up the year as a teacher – you know- still teaching the kids science and all that good stuff! Anyhow, I’m giving myself the weekdays off until the school year is out. Then I’ll kick my (elastic) rear back into gear. Until then, this is my life:

I loathe moving.

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