The Return of Tamara Shazam

It’s been three weeks of apathy.  Three long, blissful, awful weeks.  It’s a slippery slope, this whole weightloss thing.  The second I step away from it I get pretty freaked out, usually.  But this time I didn’t.  This time I was all like, “meh.”  I mean, I cared, but I rarely take breaks from this project and after four years I think I really needed it.  I trained HARD this winter for my races, it took a lot out of me and I paid the price over the past few week through, what felt like, inactivity and poor eating.  It turns out that, after a bit of reflection, I realized it was neither of those things.  I ate well and exercised a bit.  Last year if I went to Zumba twice a week I counted it as a successful exercise week.  This year if I go to Zumba twice a week, run two times with short distances (two miles per run) and meet my 10,000 steps per day quota, apparently I’m not working out.  I need to remember that it all adds up!  Furthermore, I’ve recently looked at my regular caloric intake and realized that I keep it low!  My husband packs me really nutritious lunches* every day that are low carb, healthy allow me to snack all day long.  We eat healthy meals at night and, even with Easter, I’ve mostly been keeping my eating really solid.  So, guess what?  Three weeks  of intuitive eating later and I still weigh 191!!!  I think I’m getting this ‘taking care of myself! Thing down!

Last night I started thinking like a runner again.  My brain clicked on and I was considering how many runs I wanted to take this week.  I started getting all excited about my streak.  I started telling Bradley about my streak and how I wanted to warm up my body today with a short run and then just see how it goes from there.  I told him how I want to be sure to run two miles per day, but really I’d like to see if I can get a 3-6-9 in there too!  A 3-6-9 is when I run that many miles in that order over a several-days time period, but now I want to see if I can do it in the midst of a running streak- don’t worry!  I won’t push if I feel beat!  It’s Spring BREAK, not Spring Break-My-Spirit!  So, today I took the leap and we did the 2.3-2.9 (depending on how accurate my GPS is that day) loop.  It felt great.  After not running in earnest for so long, my muscles are all rested and healed and today was like butter.  Beautiful.  Tomorrow we’ll do the same and maybe a little bit further, depending on how our bodies bounce back.  I can tell I’m back in the game because junk food sounds gross again and exercise is so appealing and exciting!  It’s so good to feel the return of Tamara Shazam!   


*I have the same thing every day.  Almost exactly the same thing for three years, now. 

Workday Meal Plan for Moi:
Breakfast: I drink a big, ole, premade coffee drink that I buy in the carton off the shelf in the refrigerator section along with two blueberry granola bar things around 6:AM.  I eat half the package (four come with it) to keep my carbs low.  When I get to school and the kids are about to come in at 8:30, I eat a vegetarian sausage patty and that keeps me satisfied until 10:00 when it’s…
Snack: Carrot sticks and hummus (my favorite, every day, and I’m sad if we happen to be out!)
Lunch: Four Morningstar vegetarian chik nuggets, half a Fuji apple & three orange slices or 1/4 cup blueberries
Snack: If it’s a Zumba day, I’ll eat a cheese stick at 3:30 and my Pop Chips after.  I know it should be opposite (protein last, carbs first), but I look at the PopChips as a treat that I get after the workout.  If it’s not a Zumba day, I’ll eat my bag of Pop Chips now and save my cheese stick for another day.  Sometimes I save my chips until after dinner so I feel like I get to binge on a dessert and chips.  Sometimes I need that.
Dinner: Varies day by day but is usually salad or broccoli or Brussels (or all three) with something.
Dessert: I like it creamy and dairy.  I’m obsessed with Kozy Shack Rice Pudding and plain chocolate ice cream.  If I have either, I’m happy.  After that?  It’s only tea or water.
9:55: Mad scramble downstairs where handfuls of cashews, smoked almonds, leftovers, cheese and crackers are consumed with wicked abandon!  (This only happens sometimes, but it does happen!  😂)


  1. Paula

    I think we all need a break. 4 straight years is quite a streak! I got kind of burnt out a while back but I have found my groove again. I think I failed to find a good balance. I got kind of excessive with exercise & eating. Still a work in progress, this time I am taking it down a notch. I am still running 4 days a week & get in one resistance training day but now I take 2 rest days. Something I would never have done a year ago. I went back to calorie counting, but I ease up if I am asked to ouch or some other event. It is all about balance.

  2. This weekend was a slippery slope for me, lots of “eh, don’t care” and I’m anxious to get back at it tomorrow for the new week! I think being sick all last week put me in a funk and I felt like I was untouchable… but I know if I let it go too long I’ll start slipping. I still need to try Zumba again! 🙂

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