The Many Faces of Mrs. L


Yesterday we ran 3.7 miles. I set out to do around three, but I was quite surprised when all was said and done and we had gone that far. It didn’t feel like a really long distance! A three to four mile run, my run that is supposed to be my easy run, finally feels easy. That is a really good feeling and it shows me, quite clearly, that I am indeed making progress. The training is paying off!

I made a promise to myself that I would use my food journal app this week in an effort to kick start some calorie deficiencies. Today I entered all of my data in and came 48 calories from my allowance! Talk about cutting it close! I’m posting these all week in an effort to hold myself accountable, so bear with me this week while I post one each and every day. Also, it should be noted that all of my snacks for the day ended up in my lunch. I didn’t eat 1000 calories of lunch. 🙂

This was just funny to me. I was having a rather animated conversation with a friend of mine while I was finishing up a late afternoon at work today. Clearly it needed to be punctuated with many goofy selfies and I captured some real beauties!

Obviously a really big news day.


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