The Little Things

… Jumping on the bed not worrying about it breaking.
…Shopping with my daughter in the juniors section- she wears the smallest size while I can fit the largest.
… being able to take advantage of The Gap’s 40% off everything coupon code.
… crossing my arms
… crossing my legs
… sitting criss cross-apple sauce
… being able to set my hands on my lap and my arms being long enough to allow them to rest there without sliding off… Versus…
… not having to tuck my hands under my legs so they wouldn’t just hang down because setting them on my lap was uncomfortable.
… not worrying about whether or not I will fit on an amusement park ride.
… being under the weight limit as a family for shared rides.
… Not feeling guilty eating anything- I know what my body needs and is allowed. I used to feel unworthy of some foods.
… My husband being able to hold me and carry me.
… Not worrying about breaking furniture.
… Knowing the person I sit next to on my next airplane ride won’t feel crowded.
… Knowing I will fit any airplane seat now.
… Feeling like I fit with my husband (this was a mental/confidence hurdle).
… Going from a size 10 ring to a 7.5.
The little things feel big sometimes.

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