The Landing

Bradley and I each committed to taking a run with our kids this weekend. I was running with her and he would run with the boy. When I asked my daughter for a running date and asked her how far she’d like to run, she picked an uninspired and short route near our house. Undeterred, I just changed it up and decided to take her to a new course at Bothell Landing, near our house. It’s a little over two miles to do the loop, and while it wasn’t too much longer than the loop she chose, at least it was a little more inspiring as it winds along a waterway and through some pretty trees.
When we left, the boys decided to come with us to run there as well. I was really proud of both my kids. She ran almost the entire way with me, and he ran quite a distance- further than ever before. I felt proud of both of them. We ended with a trip to a park on the trail, and while the kids played on the playground, Bradley and I ran around the parking lot and all over the walkways adding up an additional two miles. But the time we left the park I had run over four miles! Not too shabby!

Our latest issue of Runner’s World magazine came today. I find it funny that we still get a paper periodical, that it’s about running and that I actually read it. Anyhow, it had an article about cool half marathons available throughout the country, and I was introduced the See Jane Run half marathon that takes place in my own fair city of Seattle. I got all excited because it is a run for women that is not a stereotypical pink and sparkly women’s run. It didn’t sound all crazy and uber-serious or anything, but I liked the idea of partaking in a women’s race without all the literal frills, as the magazine said. And it takes place within my training time frame- on July 12th, running around Lake Union on a nice, flat course. I know I said I was going to do the Rock and Roll Half, but the friend I was doing it with has an injury preventing her from running it now, and this one just speaks to me a little more, if I’ll be running it on my own anyhow. I feel pretty excited about this… 🙂

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