Thank You, Easter Bunny! Bock, bock!

Happy Easter!
What did you do today to celebrate? We are pretty low-key over here at Lj House about Easter. We dye eggs, the Easter Bunny visits and hides the eggs, we find the eggs and then we usually chill out around the house in a combination sugar coma and exhaustion from children waking their mommy up at 6:30 on a Sunday. Of course I’m kidding about being grouchy. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It was a pleasure to hunt for eggs while I sipped my coffee this morning.

After breakfast, Jude and I finished putting in our garden. I bought the plants and then wimped out, thinking it was still too cold, but then last week we had all kinds of 60-70 something degree weather that my plants would just have loved. I decided to risk it, today, and we did it all. We have lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, beans, corn, basil, chard… I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t wait to enjoy our garden this summer, and it sure was a pleasant way to spend the morning with my sweet boy.

After we finished up, we were all still feeling super lethargic. I managed to pretty much steer clear of all the Easter candy, but those few jelly beans that I did eat (8, to be specific) made me have a sugar rush and sugar crash like I can’t believe! It was not fun. We decided to get going, to get moving with a run/walk at St. Edward Park. After we finished climbing the ridge, I challenged Jude to run for a distance. He decided to show me his stuff because he ran all the way to the water’e edge! I was so impressed! Of course, Gigi couldn’t go fast enough or far enough. We kept coming around the bend to find her running back to us or waiting for us to catch up, then she’d zoom ahead, up the hill… And then she came home to make a chia/kefir/coconut milk/almond milk ‘pudding’ with stevia and cocoa powder. She’s just incredible with this new drive she has. The hike did the trick and made us all feel awake and ravenous, so we came home and made Easter egg salad on lettuce, crackers or bread for dinner.
An excellent day.
Oh, and dessert? Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln, I ate a Cadbury Cream Egg. In the hot tub. Glorious.

Yesterday Gigi and I went on a girls shopping trip and I bought leggings. I have never worn leggings in a pants capacity, like not under a skirt, but Brittany, as in, Brittany herself, wears leggings, a tshirt and mouse ears in Disneyland and it just looked so comfortable and like it makes sense on vacation. Light, simple, ample coverage, so I tried it out today to see if I liked wearing leggings on their own. Well, I understand the draw to leggings. OH MY GOODNESS! Talk about comfortable. I can see why toddlers, teens, moms and old ladies love them. I’m not sure you will ever see me in real pants ever again.
Last night I talked with Bradley about my new rule of no food after 8:00, and he said that he would support that and join in, avoiding the night snacking. It’s so nice to have that support, and as a result, last night went really well. I’m pleased and looking forward to similar success tonight!

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