Today was a summer test. How will it go if I wait until the evening to run in the summer? The answer? Not good. It will go sloooowww. It will be sweaty. It will make me want to dry heave. It will make me want to run very early in the morning. Good to know. Now I have a plan for the summer heat!
Not that I’m complaining AT ALL. we are having splendid weather. I noticed today at my school’s musical all of our kids look healthy and like they’ve recently vacationed in Mexico or Hawaii. A testament to spending lots of time outside. It has been wonderful!
In other news, it is officially the weightloss warrior weeks (WW Weeks are the 2.5 weeks from day one of my cycle. I seem to lose really well during this time and not so well at others). I’m shedding poundage again. My last lowest was 234.8 and that’s what I weighed in at today! Woohoo! That means the PMS water weight is receding and I can get some serious work done now. 220’s, here I come. AMAZEBALLS.
Check this craziness out:

Yup, that’s my arm serving up some yummy indian food last night. I get all weirded out about jiggly arm fat and have been proud of how I’ve been working through this ‘issue’ of dangling skin. Then I saw this picture and had to reassess my body image. That arm looks plenty small. In fact, it looks like it might be on the side of stick arms coming out of big body look… I decided to fill them up a bit with muscle. So that’s a goal now- better toned arms. But seriously- those arms! 🙂

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