Tamarella and Her… Ahems

Who’s there?
Tamara who?
Tamara Shazam who doesn’t want the first lines of this post to be so obviously about… Knockers.
Meh bewbs.
Some folks may want to avert their eyes, but exercise is exercise, my body is my body, and when the two collide sometimes there’s comBUSTion. Ha ha! Puns. Anyhow…


I have a minor injury occurring, again. It’s all because of these darn, big, ole knockers that I have! I thought I was all better. A year or so ago I started having this weird tearing/burning sensation under my skin in my back, near my shoulder blades, but closer to my armpit. This time it’s on my left hand side, right in front of my armpit, right where my breast tissue attaches and every time I jump or let the girls out of their holding cell, it hurts! It feels like fabric is tearing under my skin! But with a red, hot poker in there too!
So, today, during Zumba, I thought I’d be alright. I wore a good, sturdy, reliable bra, I wore my compression tank as always and was in it to win it! I jogged into class all full of optimism and bluster at seeing my people, but within the first song I got my first zippy, painful twang. I tried, again, with the same result. After that I had to leave my left arm down, couldn’t reach up, couldn’t reach out- it just HURT. When I’d jump or bounce, it’d hurt too!
I realized that my once bodacious rack has shrunk enough, yet again, that my sports bras are too big! It makes sense- I bought these bras about 60 pounds ago. I have new ones but they’re not like the big, roomy limousines that I’m wearing these days- all roomy with space to stretch out and move around… The ones I bought seem like those little European clown cars that have one headlight and three wheels. I feel cramped in and overly snug, like I’m wearing my cleavage high enough to hold up my chin or something. But in the name of pain-free exercise, I will don them in the future so the bouncing stays at a a minimum. It just goes to show how important the proper exercise equipment is. Last time it took about a month of 24/7 bra wearing to get healed, I’m assuming I can do the same this time. Oh fun- more confining clothes to wear in the heat of summer! Squeee! Lol.
So, yes, today I worked out at Zumba with my friends. I took a picture of all of us but didn’t think they’d be too fond of having it accompany a post about my mammories. Then Bradley and I went on a walk in an effort to reach 20,000 steps, but it got really hot out- like in the mid 80’s. In Washington we don’t really have air conditioning in our homes, generally, so when it’s hot out it’s just plain hot EVERYWHERE. Instead of forcing myself to get steps, I stopped moving a whole lot at 1:00, right around when I hit 15,000 steps. Instead, I got in my pool and hot tub, posed unknowingly for my husband’s sketch and wrote this post. I think I made a wise choice. And sorry for the weird photography- how does one take a don’t-wanna-show-my-mama-belly bathing suit selfie, anyhow?!
I also got on the scale. At last. This morning I weighed in at 198. This afternoon I weighed in at 202. I think the heat is playing tricks on me. Grrrr to water retention!

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