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I am really into the timehop feature on Facebook. I realized it not only reminds me of many sweet memories, I also post, now, with the awareness that I will get a reminder of this event, which is something I want to remember in another few years.  This morning I got to see the picture of myself when Bradley, the kids and I were all at a restaurant and I was being really goofy. I’m often goofy, and I’ve always behaved as a goof, but I’ve rarely been goofy in public when it has had to do with my appearance and photography.  This photo captures the first real moment when I didn’t even think about that.  I made that little wax mustache at our dinner table and selfied the heck out of it, then I even posted it to Facebook and Instagram.  I felt cute enough that my cute shined through the dorkiness in public.  Four years ago today I had just turned 39 and had just realized that I was winning and decided to push harder, to lose another 40 pounds before I turned 40.  I was empowered by the awareness that I could actually beat the foes of fat, food and complacency.  I realized I did have control and that my life was mine.  This goofy picture, popping up on my timeline, was such a great reminder to me of where I’ve been, the journey to where I am now and how much I want to remain right here in this square.

This brings up a story.  Yesterday I got busy as soon as I woke up with preparing food for the week. As you know I’ve gotten into the habit of preparing all of our evening meals the weekend before so that our evenings can be focused on family and togetherness rather than cooking and cleaning.  As a result of cooking several meals in one go I think that I felt like I had been nibbling and eating, that really my diet all day yesterday consisted of Diet Coke. Around 4 o’clock I got really sick feeling so I decided to sit down and eat, having realized that I had not consumed anything real. As a result I started eating everything that I could possibly fit into my mouth. I ate a bowl of chili with popcorn on it, followed by a smaller bowl of chili with cornbread, two cookies, another glass of Coke, and I finished it all off with a pumpkin muffin- I just made them and had to sample one.  I was sitting there playing video games with Jude when all of a sudden it was like everything hit. I got cramps in my stomach, I started sweating, I felt lethargic and simply disgusting. I ran up to the bathroom to use it and just sat there for about 45 minutes feeling like I was gonna barf. Afterwards I realized that I went into sort of a food shock. After not eating anything all day and then smacking my system with this huge caloric load, it put me into overdrive and it did not have a good result. The rest of the day I pretty much just laid around and felt awful and realized my folly.  Yuck!   Just because I didn’t eat a lot all day didn’t give my body the go ahead to make up for it in one sitting. I have not binged quite like that in years. I can’t see myself doing that again anytime in the near future either.  LESSON LEARNED!

Today we started off by using our extra hour to work out.  When mama stops running, the whole Lj clan stops running, apparently.  I signed us up for the Beat the Blerch December run and my kids both panicked.  One hasn’t run since August, and the other had her last run when we did the last Blerch, half marathon in September!  I’m experienced enough to know now that I can run three miles without training for it, as long as I’m not too far away from activity.  The kids, though, had to prove to themselves that they still have these chops.  As we were running I asked Gigi if it is a good kind of pressure to have a 5K in front of her so she keeps going, and she answered that it’s the best kind of pressure.  I agree.  I like having a race in front of me.  There’s a different level of motivation when you know you have to prove up in public.  I think I’m going to keep a race about every three months lurking in the future with my kids.  It will keep us moving forward and maintaining healthy habits.  The medals don’t hurt, either.  

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  1. Paula

    Great news that you’re well enough to be running again. We just signed up for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. It is a 5 miler that I am planning on making it a fun run. Not to be a slacker, but want to enjoy the day & take it at a comfortable clip. Hoping the weather cooperates as WI can be cold!

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