Summer Daze

My default finally seems to trend toward health.  It feels like I’ve retrained myself because I was not comfortable with what was happening to me over the spring.  After a lifetime of seeking a  healthier balance, it feels good to know that my natural leaning is away from choices that will compromise me long term.  Today I went on my second run of the summer season- It’s silly how I second-guess myself so much. I’ve been quietly doubting my ability to return to running after my year off due to my injury coupled with the huge work caseload. I honestly thought that were it not for the two 1/2 marathons looming in late August (The Iron Horse Half Marathon) and September (Beat the Blerch) that I may not have returned to being a runner at all. Now I clearly see that it’s all a head game for me and how my power of self can be compromised just by my own self doubt. It feels incredible to be getting my mojo back! It was also pretty awesome to visit the best smelling rose in the world today, too.  I just love that thing!  I will run an extra half mile just for the opportunity to smell it, and good thing I did today.  This bloom is about to drop and it will be a few weeks before she sends some new ones up.

Last night marked our annual end of the year party for the big kid.  She had two friends over and they burned homework, went book shopping, ate junk, played guitars, laughed, sang and slept in a tent.  It was such a classic summer night.  Bradley and Jude had a sleepover in the boy’s room which left me alone with Fred in my big bed.  I slept like a stone and woke up with a clear head and some summer goals for myself:

  1. Relax.  Take the time to pull yourself together.  Meditate.  Build positive habit energy that is not rooted in stress or anxiety.  Build resilience.
  2. Run often.  Three regular runs a week with one long run is best, but three runs total is also ok.  Add one mile per week to the long run and get as close to the half marathon distance as possible by the end of August.  This week we will run four to five miles as our long run and will increase from there.  When we reach the milestones of six, eight, ten and twelve, we get medals!
  3. Attend body pump classes 2-3 times a week.  Remember: It’s ok to lift and run on the same day.  Zumba is fun, but don’t focus on taking Zumba classes.  Spin and weights.
  4. Pay attention to diet, but mostly just to avoid gaining weight.  Focus mostly on healthy eating and building good dietary habits.  Lose weight in the fall.
  5. Be crafty.  It’s another kind of therapy.  Work on school, but let the craftiness also be for my soul, not just my job.

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  1. Paula

    I can almost smell that rose from the photo. Now that the school year is over the stress level will go down. Excellent goals. Glad you have relocated your mojo.

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