I did it today.  I made sure to get my run in today, even though it was dark.  Even though I was a little cold.  Even though my parents were about to arrive from Idaho- I got my running gear on and hit the streets!  I didn’t run for very long, but I felt like squishing in a fast run was way better than skipping the run altogether.  I promised Bradley that I would stay safe and avoid certain roads that are scarier than others, especially in the twilight.  I decided to get a little creative and started running up all the cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood.  Getting off the main roads seemed smart and I wanted to get more mileage during my shorter run.  Not only did I manage to make my 1.8 mile loop into a 2.6 mile loop and I saw a whole bunch of new houses and streets in my neighborhood that I hadn’t ever known existed!  It made my boring, old neighborhood run into a way more interesting one. 

Anyhow, just feeling good that I did it tonight.  Wanted to brag it all up with a solid crow post.  Way better than that 200 pound weigh-in afterwards that happened.  What the heck was up with that??  Wasn’t I 196 last night??  Anyhow, I’m assuming it’s water weight and it will come off sometime isn the very near future.  😉 

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