Still Waiting…

I was certain that I’d be reporting this awesome, below-200 weight the next time I wrote, hence the long delay between posts, but in typical Tamarella fashion, I’m just chilling in the barely over 200 range. 200.2, 200.6, even 200.0 – but it won’t break under 200! What’s the dealio?
I actually know what the dealio is. I’m giving my body a rest and not getting that consistent fat-burn cardio. On Monday I did decide to run with Move 60, the after school activity club at my school, and it seriously was a huge effort! I knew I needed to take it easy, but I was surprised at how right I was. I stopped after a little over a mile and went home with that horrible lung burn thing and feeling just beat. Anyhow… Still the waiting game. Rest assured, I’ll be crowing it from the rooftops when it finally happens!

I didn’t feel bad for long, though, since I was lucky enough to be featured on Runs For Cookies 100th Motivational Monday spectacular! I was one among 20 men and women who have lost over 100 pounds. She invited each of us to share a little of our stories, and I was moved to tears by how much their stories sounded like mine. We had so many similarities in our approaches and philosophies… Suddenly it didn’t seem like I was so alone as a massive weightloss person anymore; what I am doing doesn’t seem like an experiment that could go wrong at any moment anymore. I gained strength and certainty in myself and my project through their stories and successes.

Today I met with one of my best girls ever. She’s one of those people who I wish I could see so much more often, but, you know, life, excuses, kiddos, jobs… All that stuff. She took me to this gorgeous place called Richmond Beach and asked if I wanted to walk some stairs with her. I was game so we climbed them several times among a bunch of other people doing the same. While I liked the stairs (A LOT!), I liked the conversation best. I like being able to do things with friends, like walk up a bunch of stairs and chatting for an hour and call it fun!

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  1. Elizabeth

    *Jealous* You can DO IT, my friend! Thanks to you, more water is finally getting me where I want to go! More to come….!

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