Still Kicking

My ear kicked my booty. It morphed into bizarro ear- like, I couldn’t smile, laugh, or eat (not that it stopped me) because it hurt so much. I couldn’t hear, my ear swelled so much. Yeah…. I went to the doctors, got my antibiotics on. I went back to work today. Without really thinking about it, of course I took my meds. Without thinking about it, I also had the surprisingly woozy side effect that makes me briefly feel like I just had a glass of wine. I’ll time my meds tomorrow to coincide with my lunch a little better.
Today the ear opened up. It’s not pretty. I won’t describe anything, but I will say that OH MY GOSH it feels soooooo much better. Insanely better. I’m starting to be able to hear again, laugh again, smile… Yup. Eat too. (Damn!)
I was going to go for a run today. I thought I’d just force a mile or two out of my body, but Bradley looked at me like I was cuh-ray-zay. He informed me that people who have infections definitely aren’t supposed to add the additional stress of healing muscles from a workout. Duh. How to make the infection last longer. Hopefully tomorrow? The day after? I’m getting paranoid that I’m spending too much time away from my running shoes.
I instead went and watched my girl take first place in her triple jump and third in both her relay and 440. There’s not much more she could do to make me feel proud. What a blessing, that kid is.

Ear With Bandage
(What a gripping life I do lead, eh, Bridget?)
I was just informed that as my husband and son were walking out onto the track field today my son just started talking to no one in particular in a loud voice…
“Hey, my mom’s losing weight.”
“My mom is a runner now.”
No one was listening except Bradley and one guy who looked sideways at our funny boy and laughed. Clearly, Bradley said, this information was meant for the masses in the casual, off-the-cuff way it was delivered. Bradley wanted to announce as well that, “It’s true. She’s lost over a hundred pounds. It’s kind of a big deal.” But of course, he didn’t. He instead just told Jude that Mama will decide when and where to celebrate her news. I don’t care, but it is a bit of a strange thing to just randomly shout out! Ha!
While it was funny in one of those ‘the kids say the darndest things’ kind of way, it also really made me understand the pride that my son sees inour family and me. He understands the importance of our project and he is proud to be a part of it. I love that kid, too. Love-fest at the Lj’s!

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