Staying the Course


When I committed to running this half marathon thing, I was all enthusiasm, all belief, all excited because I just knew I could! I still know I can, but oh my goodness! I’m tired. Sooooo tired. But I’m sticking with it. Today was my third run for the week (My weeks go Sunday-Saturday) and I even followed through with my weight training last night. I’m staying the course, and I’m pretty proud. Tomorrow I’ll rest, and my long run will be Saturday, after the heat wave has left the lovely PNW.

Today’s run was not easy. I actually ran all three miles with times in the upper 11’s. I’m not worried about time, but that is slow, even for me! At one point, during the last quarter mile, I started freaking out and had to try not to cry. I just got so tired. So hot. So sweaty. So panicky… Bradley had to talk me down from that ledge, reminding me that I went from running 6 miles a week to running 12 miles in the last five days, that today was 80 degrees- the first authentically warm day of the year, and most importantly, that I can still do this. I did. I finished strong, or at least finished.

At the end of the run we needed to go pick up our kids from a friend’s house so we walked on over, still in our sweaty running clothes. Upon our arrival, Jude’s buddy let us know that we could just hang out for a while if we wanted- we didn’t need to rush off (and take our kids with us)! Then he disappeared into the house and came back with a cheese stick and a bottle of water- which he poured into the nearest cup, possibly used. It was, hands down, one of the sweetest things a child has ever done for me. I slugged that water down and ate my cheese stick. It was the perfect thing!



  1. Amy

    You’re amazingly inspirational to me right now-running has fallen off the face of the earth for me, and I need to get back into it now that the weather is more reasonable. I ran one day on vacation-two miles-but did my fastest mile ever at 9:35. Usually my miles are in the tens and elevens, so under ten was a victory for me. It felt so great, you would think id run every day since then. Nope. I think about it, but it hasnt happened. I think that where I am faltering is running for a length of time. I’m going to work on that this week to get back in the saddle. Thanks for the post-you helped me remember that I can do it too!

  2. Be proud of yourself! Those are not slow miles! I would do a happy dance to run that speed!! I have no fast twitch muscles!

    Get a good strong base then build slowly for your once weekly long run!

    Love it when kids are sweet!

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