Today as I was running there were animals everywhere- cats, squirrels, rabbits… Methinks autumn hath arriveth. Or something like that. The animals all were full of hustle bustle of epic proportions, as if winter is next week!
I saw two cats chilling in the road. Right in the middle like no cars ever drive there. I’ll go ahead and say it- they had a real arrogant vibe like they just owned the whole thing. Cats. Sheesh. Sadly, my favorite cat that I regularly see was on the side of the road sitting in the grass, still as stone. He is the sweetest cat- one of those that rolls all over the ground and cocks his head just so with his big ole kitty cat eyes, and you can’t resist but to stop in the middle of your run and pet him. Except this time he just sat. And as I neared, his tail was ramrod straight out and quivering and the cat didn’t budge an inch, except to roll his eyes around the periphery to creepily watch me run by as he sat there going potty. I was at once horrified and pitying of the poor guy, having to make on a public street!
My favorite was the squirrel on my home run, though. Apparently the squirrel is either trying to flatter me or I run a lot faster than I used to. He thought I was chasing him and the silly thing ran like the dickens through the grass, then leapt on a stump to look back, fear evident in his eyes, and yes, I was still coming! He turned back, dashed toward a tree, looked back in terror one more time then scrambled up the tree and out of sight! I’m so amazing that even the mighty squirrel fears me.
I am woman, hear me roar!
🙂 Ha!
(I did run faster today. Slowly, slowly she improves.)

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