Spring Break Week Review


I’ve made no secret of my struggle over the past few weeks. Exercise has been hard, eating has been hard… I’ve just been finding the whole determination thing harder than it was last spring. I know that part of that is lacking the enthusiasm for a new project, being bored of losing weight and burnt out on counting calories. It just gets exhausting to be this vigilant, know what I mean?
I’m glad to say that over this break I have met my goals, pretty much. I’m at the peak of PMS, so I don’t have a realistic weigh-in scale report to share (I have 3-7 pound weight fluctuations at this time that really mess with me, so I try to stay off the scale during the last week or so of my cycle), but I am tremendously pleased to report that I exercised like a beast this break. I did not slack a single day. Yes, two of those days only got a brisk walk or hike in, but the other seven days were running days. I ran between 2- 4.5 miles per day. I wanted to get solid exercise habits under my belt and knock my insecure doubting self to the curb. Believe it or not, I began to doubt that I actually even could be a runner anymore- it was wonderful to relegate that negative thought to the garbage can it belonged in. I’m feeling a pretty solid return to my good habits on Monday, when I return to school. I feel ready to, literally, hit the ground running.

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