I have been sick. Like, the kind of sick that’s all up in your sinuses and makes you sneeze about 4000 times a day and makes your eyes run all -the -time- kind of sick! I will usually teach through most colds, but I can’t do it through laryngitis and I won’t do it with tears running down my face! So I stayed home.
Being sick worked out well with my exercise vacation. I was sick throughout most of the excer-break, and my body even bonused an extra day off yesterday. Today I worked out on the Wii Fit. It’s fun, but I miss the great outdoors. Today’s workout was mostly just intended to remind my body that this is still the plan. We are still dieting, we are still working it out. We just needed a break…
(‘We’ refers to the muscles I’m rallying here at the quarter break!) The excer-break seemed to do the trick with my body. I really was getting worn out. My limbs were hurting, my joints, ALL of my muscles ached. But my hips made the most noise and were really concerning me. I’m pleased to report that after the time off my hips are totally fine. If I sit in one position too long they get stiff, but I’m relieved that I seemed to make a pretty complete recovery. Phew! I was afraid I was going to have to quit running as soon as I had begun. Like, really worried.
The rain today was gorgeous. Being from Seattle, we get plenty of rain so it’s like blaspheme for me to utter such a phrase. But yeah. The rain looked beautiful. I came home and looked outside to see that kind of rain that turns all summery looking because the sun’s shining through the backside… All golden… It was beautiful. And then I remembered the one time I’ve ever run in the rain and how much I loved it, the way is sprayed across my face, how happy I was to realize a new reason to appreciate the rain. I was dying to go out. But no, tomorrow. Gigi and I will head out again tomorrow to see if the old hips are gonna make the magic happen.
In other RAD news? The Color Me Rad Race happens on 8/10 in my town! I have yet to register, but I’m planning to be there, vacation allowing. If not that race, I’ll go be rad somewhere else. 🙂

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