Today I returned to booty camp. It felt soooo good to get back into the gym, back into the dance, back into the weights, back into the fold of my friends. Today I actually felt somewhat competent doing the routines. It was so nice to not have to stare at our instructor the entire time for fear of messing up; I remembered some moves. I was actually able to look at myself a little bit, and when I did I was able to see that I am not as horrible at Zumba/Booty camping as I think I am! It was quite gratifying to see that I could totally rock it! And then then second half-hour started. I find that I have about 30-40 minutes in me before I start feeling my body getting sloppy and my brain getting less focused and capable of counting and following along. Fortunately today Camille, our instructor, saved a lot of the arm and ab work for the end, so my sloppy footwork didn’t stop me from getting a solid workout even though I was pretty spent. I’m amazed, every time I go, at how fast I get sweaty and how my heartrate stays consistently up in the fat-burn zone, yet I don’t feel at all like I’m doing more than goofing around with my friends for an hour. It’s totally a workout, but it often doesn’t feel like a workout at all. The next day tells another tale, however… I LOVE it!
It is worth mentioning, too, that I looooved wearing my new NKOTB tank to the gym. I can’t even tell you how much fun it was to wear it. How goofy is that?!

{Me in my sassy-pants pose,* sporting the NKOTB tank top from the concert. My workout was way more fun with it on. Seriously!}
Tomorrow my kids and I are headed to Arlington to do one of those color run things; I bought the bibs for my Mother’s Day gift. My plan is to do another mama interval run with Jude while Gigi sails ahead at full tilt. She always likes to run her hardest at official 5K’s, so I’m curious to see how she does. She’s been proudly running nine minute miles this spring, but now that she’s in track and field this season she’s really speeding up.
I’m also doing the run to support my best friend, Beth. She made a commitment to get active, so how could I not join her as she does her first official race? I’m so proud of her! I can’t wait to post about it tomorrow!

I’m often surprised at how clever families are for Teacher Appreciation Week. One year someone made me a cape for my Cap’n Awesome persona. That was pretty cool. This year is also pretty memorable. One family raided my Instagram and made the beautiful ornament of my family. I was so flattered! And another family gave me my absolutely favorite new book about being clever, about trusting your ideas and realizing the value held in our own amazing brains. I pretty much bawled right in front of them when I opened their offerings. Just amazing. I also got some beautiful flowers, several Shopkins pencil toppers, a new vase, letters, cards, gift cards… I also got a very sweet card from a little girl with a lift the flap labeled: You will like what’s under here!” It was a gift card, but her excitement trumped the gift, she was so sweet. My children and their families were very generous and spoiled me beautifully, but I just had to share that book that is So Important and that favorite picture of my family on a wooden medallion, made by a second grade friend of mine. 🙂

*Yes, Julie and Laurie. You were right. This WAS the best picture, goofy pose and all! Thank you for taking it!!!!

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