Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

We ran Friday! Dear reader, it has been a stone’s age since I’ve shared a derpy run pic of the day, but here you are, my sweaty mug, running down the road. We ran a little under two miles at a 11:30 pace. For hitting the actual, real-live road in front of our house again for the first time in a month, I’ll call it a success! Plus? I’ve now met one of my weekly goals- run outside. See how that goal list just propels me forward?!?!
Then, today, we called a couple of friends and had a fabulous time at the high school track running and walking for a little over an hour while the kids ran, walked and played. It was really fun to see two of my favorite friends and actually spend some uninterrupted time talking, running and walking with each of them. One of my friends and I are doing the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in June of next year and the other is just beginning to run. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty well this week, so I let myself have a rest day and didn’t push too hard. Since she’s just starting, we only ran just under a mile and walked at a really good pace for the rest. It was a really fun way to get a workout in on the last official day of summer!

So, to recap my goals for the week:
I’m 4-5 miles in, two outdoor runs, I’ve got two days with 10,000 steps both days and I’ve already hit my 150 minutes of cardio.

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