Some Solid Motivation

Old friends can surprise us. Here I am, blaring it from a website, that I’m losing weight! I’m running! And me? I need this. I need to be public and loud, otherwise it don’t hold myself accountable. Other people though??? They go all quiet for a year and then, suddenly, something like this gets posted on your Facebook stream:

This girl was one of my besties in high school. Tenth through twelfth grade were our years together. I found her at a time I really needed a friend. Before her, I never really had a friend who had a similar, twisted sense of humor or music tastes (she also straddled the pop/alt line, but unlike me, there is not NKOTB in her house today). I spent many nights at her house discussing important things and doing less important things, I’m sure- like painting our nails black, dying our hair with kool-aid, discussed the benefits of Doc Martins versus Birkenstocks, who was the hottest member of Jane’s Addiction (?!?) and vegetarian diets (it was the 90’s). She never got to be humongously gigantic or anything, but like me, she always had a little extra sumptin-sumptin shaking around on her.
Well, no longer! She has obviously changed something and is looking to win the accolades (and a few bucks) she has been working towards! Please, click on any of the links sprinkled throughout this article to go and vote for her as the most transformed body (hers really is the most transformed in this group). Please? She’s a good person (like, a really good person) who has worked really hard on this and has shown significant, positive change!
When I wrote to ask her if I could use her pictures, she had this to say
“I’m really proud of how far I’ve come. Has been an interesting year!! Precision Nutrition is just the best program ever – if you do decide to use my photo on your web site, please give a shout out to them as well – best group of people and really amazing program.”
Throw her a bone!
And then, while you’re hanging out looking at her pictures, if you’re anything like me, you’re also wondering when you can kick your butt back in gear so you can weigh in the 170’s too! Thanks for the super motivation, Denise!

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