Reflecting and Rebooting

I suddenly realized I never posted an official ‘after’ post about Whole30 and here I am about to kick off the second round!  For shame, Tamara!  In a nutshell, I ended up really liking the Whole30.  I do really well with restrictive opportunities.  I’m a vegetarian by choice and was a fat girl who could only shop in very limited stores for ages.  Sometimes I miss the lack of selection.  It was so simple and straightforward…  But I digress.  I guess the limited choices and clear intentions of the Whol30 plan/challenge makes me have to be truly transparent and honest with myself.  It’s not just the food itself, it’s the intention behind the food.  That intention made me super honest and I stuck to the whole30 as though my life depended on it.  I didn’t cheat at all.  I lost elevenish pounds and felt just amazeballs.  

I will fully confess to going further off plan than I intended after round one was officially over.  Peanut butter tagalong cupcake in point…  And tonight I ate fake meat, tortilla chips and yogurt because I know that tomorrow it’s over and I won’t be able to eat any of that at all.  I’m stepping back into the whole30 shoes earnestly, this time.  This time I know it works for me and I’m going to trust the process.  I wasn’t losing fat as fast as I wanted at one point and started restricting calories further before becoming discouraged and giving up for a few days during this window off.  Then I remembered- HELLO?  You just lost 11 pounds!  You have PMS bloat.  Get back on that flipping wagon and get your butt into gear!  So I am.  We will see how much I’ve lost 30 days from now.  If I lose no fat, at least I’ve gained thirty more days of healthy habits.  Cheers!

Btw- I’m starting this round at my weight from this morning of 228.

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