Rain, Rain

Today was a three mile loop with the kids to the store and back. We had just gotten dressed and ready to go when the clouds burst overhead. We waited fifteen minutes or so until the deluge settled into a downpour, then we headed out. Jude was decked out in his Spider-Man rain boots so puddles were very attractive to him, while Gigi kept saying, “I’m dressed for exercise, but I’m still fashionable!” It was a wet walk, but a really fun one.

Yesterday we spent the morning winterizing the yard. Bradley and I went for a run in the early morning then came back and started this. It was so fun, pulling out all the plants, stripping the tomatoes off the plant, digging up potatoes, picking the pumpkins… I was dripping sweat and was happy that I managed to find a second workout in one day. We loaded all the compost greens out to the truck and marveled at our harvest. Tonight we are eating tomato soup, made from a share of the hundreds of cherry tomatoes we picked. Yum!

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