Race Season❤️

I just looked at the next six weeks and was shocked at what I saw:

Unbelievable.  I find myself more excited about these races than I have been about many other things in my life that are way less painful.  I’m more excited about the races than I am about my birthday.  That’s saying something.  I’m as excited about racing as I was about the New Kids concert.  BUT, I’m so excited for the Blerch 10K tomorrow.  Bradley drove down to pick up my packet on Thursday.  He got there right as they opened and was 3rd or 4th in line to get my book signed.  Bradley handed off his own comic, about the sad state of arts in education, to Matthew and gave a brief appeal to him directly, asking him if he could throw his weight or influence behind the cause as well.  He said Matthew was lovely and really seemed to spend time with the comic he handed to him before moving onto the next person in line.  I was super proud of Bradley for advocating, so thankful that he went and got my book signed and I was so excited to get my packet/tech shirt that I ripped my work dress off as soon as I got home to try on my shirt and took a selfie all gangsta style in the mirror…  Neglecting to realize that I had my Lucky Charms on display.  😉 Ah well.  I’ll take lots of pictures tomorrow at the race and I’ll give my review of the race as well.  I’m excited to see all the blerches in attendance.  I’m super glad I’m going this year, as Bradley overheard the race organizer and Matthew Inman remarking that they would like to have it in Colorado next year instead of Washington…

And that half marathon?  This is the one that I wanted to try out last year for my birthday.  My friend, Jessica, from work happened to mention that she was considering it on Facebook to me so I just jumped.  I’ve realized its all fear that’s just talking me out of trying it out.  The worst think that might happen is that I end up walking some of it, and that is not a big problem at all.  My plan is just to add a mile per week to my long run until the weekend of the race.  By the time race day is here, I shouldn’t have a real issue with making it…  Fingers crossed!

Do you see that?  I’m just about under 200 again!  I quite like this weight.  I think 200 and under, so far,  feels and looks best  on me.  😉

I’m just so inspired to get going lately.  Don’t get me wrong- summer was great and all- but right before summer ended I started getting antsy.  One day I turned to Bradley and remarked that two months is about how long it takes to recover from working through the year.  When September rolls around and the eight weeks has passed, it’s time to get going again!  My skin starts to crawl with the need to make and do!  I often wonder what I would make and do were I not a teacher.  This year, if I wasn’t in the classroom, I would be making huge paper sculptures out of cardboard, screws and a glue gun or I’d be writing a book.  Or both.  I found myself looking longingly at the things I don’t have hours upon hours to ponder, make and consider over the summer, knowing I don’t have the months it takes to do some of those fantastic things.  This year I redirected the energy into the next school year that lurked in the shadows, ready to spring out, full force in September, by making stuff for my classroom and prepping materials for my students.  This year’s kids totally deserved those summer hours, too.  29 kids in class, yes, but the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful group of 29 kids I’ve ever met.  Each class of kids has a personality to it that sort of defines them, and this one is just sweet.  It’s going to be a fantastic year.

But now that school’s begun, I just can’t get all these races off my mind.  I’m already looking for zombie runs, turkey trots and jingle dashes!  It’s the season to run my butt off, enjoy the somewhat cooler weather, the crispy leaves, the brisk sunshine and a very happy fall!  


I’m like this about miles- just two more miles, four half miles, that’s just 4-6 minutes four times!  Eight quarter miles!  That’s just one side of our block!  Easy!  I do that in my sleep!  And on and on and on and on…

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  1. Marcilla

    I couldn’t figure out if Luck Charms was some code for your private parts (that I’d never heard but worked, in certain contexts) until I scrolled down and saw the actual photo LOL.

    I’m impressed with your race schedule! I’m working on a regular exercise schedule now that all the schooling has begun for my crew. We’re routine people so having everyone in their assigned grooves is better, even when my evenings are a whirl of soccer practices and swimming lessons. And if tomorrow’s weather is anything like today’s soccer game weather the long sleeves may not be as needed–it was hot!

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