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I made use of my gym membership today for the first official time!  There’s a body pump class near my house almost every morning at 9:30 AM.  I left my house at 9:10 and was home and in the shower by 10:50!  I call that a good turn around and one that I’ll be able to repeat regularly through the summer!  As an added bonus, one of the things we’ve been trying to problem solve is when or how Bradley will do his work.  He is recording a lot of music right now to release when he publishes his graphic novel and people in the house are noisy when recording.  Microphones hear everything and he’s been going stir crazy with thoughts but no opportunity to workshop and record them.  I was so happy to find him immersed in his work upon my return and feel like we’ve found a win-win solution.  I get to meaningfully work out without feeling guilty and he gets to get some serious work done!

This was the ‘good’ selfie! 😂 Derpy workout pic of the day returns!

Body Pump class is focused on form and repetition at first.  After you get going and are competent with how to lift then you can add more weights over time.  What I know I can do in my head compared with what I think I’m capable of are two different things at this point, and lucky me these days, I have the wherewithal to know that!  I walked in and started getting my bench ready like I’ve been going to Body Pump on the regular when all of the sudden I imagined how running would feel like tomorrow.  Then a repeat body pump class on Wednesday.  I put back the ten pounders and stuck to the fives and under!  I felt like a wimp, but halfway through the first set I felt so relieved to only have the bar and five pounds to work with.  My arms were burning!!  It was a great class and I’m pretty excited  repeat it over and over.   I’m planning to take some measurements and photos today to be able to see the end of summer changes come August.  Earlier this year my friend Jess at Runs for Coffee started a weight lifting plan and the difference in her arms after two months was just amazing.  I’m hoping to mirror her success:

Ps: no clue as to what’s going on with the extra picture.  I’m just ignoring it and hoping it’ll go away.  Like the boogeyman at midnight.  Lol

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